When one wants to create a website, sometimes it becomes very hard because there is a lot of pressure and people are continuously working on different kinds of designs.

The content that a person puts there is what matters but one also has to keep in their mind that there needs to be a balance between the website design and how the marketing of the business can be done. So if one needs to know then one also has to learn and understand that there is something called “About Us”.

So now when a person creates a page of ” About Us”, he/she should, first of all, comprehend what the organization wants and work accordingly. People might think it is very easy but trust me it is not and requires a lot of hard work. 

When the website of a person opens up there will be about us and the company would have written about them and what they do. This first page of the website should look very attractive to people.

Now let you all understand about the “About Us Page”. 

What do you understand by the About Us page?

It is a type of page where people have written about what they want and what is their goal and what they have gone through to reach here. One can also assume that it is a page where the business owners have given a kind of idea about themselves.  Will a person go for a business type where they have not shared their story or someone who has written down every detail about their business? 

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Why does your website want an About Us page?

It is very beneficial and what happens is that there might be visitors on the website who get impressed by your about us page and plan to buy. So it is very valid that there is an about us page mentioned on your website which tells a lot about the business and what is the purpose for doing it. The customers should be able to learn that this is what they were searching for and this is what they expect. It will also guide them toward what they were browsing for and that the business has the skills which they lack.

Some Extraordinary About Us Page Examples.

Web dev

This website has done a good job of letting the customers know about their brand by introducing the people who work there. There are a lot of faces they have kept on their first website page which tells us about what the company is working on and what kind of people they have. They have also included proof of what their customers are telling about them.


This organization has put a video on its about us page which tells the world about the company and what they are offering. The best part is that they have included a story about their journey and growth. They have also let the world know what their chore is about and one can easily look at the number of people now they have in their company.


This company has shared designs with milestones. Their front pages talk about their brand and how they received funds. It will help them to get more clients because they have already shown their honesty towards people.


When one looks at Nike, one might think that it is a large brand but it also has an about us page. Yes, it also has that where they have mentioned a quote by Bill Bowerman which tells that ” If you have a body then you are an Athlete”. They have also mentioned what this brand had achieved so far.


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The about us page consists of the facts about this organization and how they are popular. They have also enlisted a type of image which attracts the crowd.

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The about us page consists of a short video under which they have written the introduction and where they have then contained short GIFs which makes theirs about us page very attractive. They have also penned down their story where they have composed animated illustrations.


They have given the readers a kind of representation of their brand. They have included a good color scheme for their website. They have included everything about their company which makes the users know about what they are doing or selling.


The About Us page is very simple and user-friendly with a lot of fun involved. They have explained that motion effects can be very beneficial when it comes to storytelling. They also have proof about the paid users and from where they belong.


It is known for its creativity and simplicity. There is a representation of the brand and what is the best part is that they have only included real images. They have focused on positivity and an upbeat vibe.


It is about the photographers so they have included good images and have kept the introduction short. They have also contained links that guide the users and how they are helping their users.


It is a kind of studio that has been recognized for its creative work. They have kept a banner on their about us page which is very unique for the people and also appealing.


They have kept it simple for the people and have mentioned everything about their page. They have also maintained a kind of balance between the text and the images.

Yokel Local

They have mentioned their story and what missions they are working on. They have also used a beautiful color combination which makes the website very impressive.


It is a group of crew who are focused on creating music. They are known for their about us page. They have kept the photos of their crew members on their about us page and how they are working is also very effective.

LoveBug Probiotics

They also have kept theirs about us page very colorful with a combination of white and blue. They have also included a video and hence captured attention.