Step by step guide to build a database driven website

database driven websites

Creating a database-driven website involves several steps. It comprises sever know hows, technologies and platforms. In short it is a combination of tech-stacks and skill-stacks. Here is a high-level overview of the process: Step 1 The first step involves in developing a database-driven website is choose a programming language and web development framework:  You will […]

What is regex and how we can use it [examples]

Regular expressions, or regex, is a powerful tool for matching patterns in strings of text. It is commonly used in computer programming, search engines, and text editors to search, modify, and manipulate text. Here are some examples of common uses for regex: Here are some examples of common uses for regex:Validating user input: Regex can […]

Web designing process in 7 Steps

Web Design process

A lot of people believe that websites can be made only by those who have a professional hand in them. Is it the same for you? If you have come here with a yes, then we surely need you here! Even though designing a website is not a piece of cake, if you have proper […]

15 Impressive About Us page examples that you should see today

about us page examples

When one wants to create a website, sometimes it becomes very hard because there is a lot of pressure and people are continuously working on different kinds of designs. The content that a person puts there is what matters but one also has to keep in their mind that there needs to be a balance […]

TestOps Evolution with Dual Shift, Visibility features.

The main goal of TestOps is to check whether the software is working well or not. It was in the year 1947 when a moth got stuck into the system which led to issues with the main connection. So what scientists tried to do is to create a network that will check if the software […]

Learn A-Z of the anatomy of typeface to create amazing typography


It is such a fantastic thing to know that a person can peel the alphabet into pieces just like a person does at the time of a puzzle. In the same way, when one looks at the font, it has been bestowed with various types of features. When a doctor is busy trying to handle […]



Website plays a crucial role when it comes to the success of your business. And that’s the reason why you invested in a feature-rich website to launch your goals. After all the time and effort you’ve put into promoting your website, you might be tempted to sit back and let the traffic come to you. […]

What is TestOps? Features and Frameworks Explained.

When one looks at DevOps, it has been there for a very long time and has been doing its work perfectly by providing companies with software. Now scientists have come up with new ways to test how the software is working and what needs to be done to avoid any kind of issues. Now, what […]

Digital Transformation Frameworks Features And Benefits

Digital Transformation Frameworks

Different corporations must make themselves aware of digital acceleration which demands to come up with some long-drawn technologies and their application. Since the previous years, some of the distributed teams have gone through critical obligations and safety issues. Corporations have the option and are confronted with turning to more safe, profitable, and concerted ways of […]

Best API Management Tools And Platforms

Best API Management Tools And Platforms

API or application programming interface includes all the ways through which you can initially make, then publish, and then safeguard your APIs. All the APIs that you are using should be able to pass through the test of proper documentation, be safe to use, should be up to date, and be extensively tested. Therefore, you […]